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maria mattera, graphic design, new jersey



established : 2001 (originally as Rusmar Design)


owner : maria mattera

With well over 20 years of experience, I have been in the communications industry long enough to know how to concept, create and solve most any design, marketing, advertising and printing need you have.


Ask me anything. With the right kind of guidance, you get the results you seek.


under the belt :

20+ years in communications including :

 creative direction ... how the "spark" happens

 art direction ... strong ability to convey the message

 graphic design ... specializing in print with solid web experience

 photography ... manual to digital ... darkroom guru translated to photoshop expert 

 public relations ... my professional foundation

 marketing ... attuned to the changing aspects of infinite arenas ... I'm a news junkie

 advertising sales ... learned ability to persevere

 print production ... solid comprehension of all printing processes and outcomes

 and all that "social" stuff too ... because you know I love to communicate